2020 Storm Sponsorship Agreement

By signing this agreement, the aforementioned Tournament agrees that Storm Products, Inc. will bet the sole and exclusive bowling ball, bag, shoe, polish/cleaner, and accessory sponsor of your 2020 tournament event. In exchange for this sponsorship, the Tournament agrees to provide the following:
  1. Distribution of Storm promotional items (provided by Storm) in Tournament Packets.
  2. Inclusion of the Storm logo on ALL Tournament Correspondence (Entry Form, Program…) recognizing Storm as an official sponsor.
  3. Display of Storm banners (provided by your IGBO Regional Director) at all Tournament events.
  4. Display of Storm logo and link to Storm website on the Tournament website (if applicable).
In exchange for providing the items/services listed above, Storm will provide the following to the Tournament based upon the Tournament Size indicated:
Tournament Size Large Medium Small
Number of Storm Bowling Balls 3 2 1

Certificates will be provided to the tournament for each ball. Winners will send the certificate directly to Storm/IGBO Representative, and Balls will be shipped directly to the winners. Certificates expire 45 days from the 2020 Tournament Date.

Participating IGBO Member Tournaments will be entitled to purchase additional Storm Balls, Bags, Apparel and Accessories from a Discounted Price List Catalog designed exclusively for IGBO!

  • Unlimited Items may be purchased from the Catalog.
  • Prices include shipping and handling (in the 48-contiguous US & Canada).
  • Direct Ship Orders may be placed up to 4-months following the Tournament.
  • Certificates may be purchased at any time during the year of the Sponsorship Agreement, and will expire 60-days after the Tournament date (if purchased prior to the event), or 60-days after purchase date (if purchased after).
Important Notice: Failure to comply with the Exclusivity and Promotional provisions outlined in this agreement will result in the forfeiture of all complementary Storm Ball certificates issued and/or the reimbursement of the Full Retail Value for any issued certificates that have been redeemed at the time the failure to comply is discovered!
To request Promotional Materials for your event, please supply the information requested below. Promotional Materials will be shipped to the Address above approximately 60-days prior to the Tournament Date
The Deadline for submitting Agreement Forms to participate in the 2020 Storm Sponsorship Program is February 29, 2020