In the IGBO Online Library, you can access the documents for the operations of IGBO and member resources. Every attempt is made to keep this library up to date, but should you find any outdated information on a document you need, please contact the IGBO Secretary and an updated document will be sent to you.

IGBO Member Handbook

This handbook is provided to each IGBO representative for his or her benefit. It should be passed on to your successor to provide him or her a valuable indoctrination into IGBO and especially to help him or her understand the individual responsibilities of each IGBO representative.

  Section C: Introduction (PDF) Revised May 21, 2014

  Section D: Organization (PDF) Revised Nov. 2013

  Section E: History (PDF) Revised Jun. 3, 2020

  Section F: Board Responsibility (PDF) Revised November 13, 2011

 Section G: Bylaws (PDF) Revised Nov. 9, 2019

  Section H: Policies & Procedures (PDF) Revised May 25, 2017

  H.A- ADDENDUM A Annual Rules (PDF) Revised Nov. 8, 2019

  H.B - ADDENDUM B Mid-Year Rules (PDF) Revised Nov. 8, 2019

  Section I: Committees (PDF) Revised May 22, 2015

  Section J: Newsletter (PDF) Revised November 2013

  Section K: Tournament Bid Process (PDF) Revised November 2009

  Section L: Membership (PDF) Revised November 2006

  M - IGBOTournamentHandbook (Revised 04-2018).doc Revised 2018

  BenefitHub Description (DOCX) 

  Friendship Proxy (PDF)

  H - P&P (PDF)

Other Documents / Procedures

Tournament Average Tracking

This spreadsheet helps you, the bowler, track your tournament averages based on USBC Rule 319. Use this tool to report averages when registering for various tournaments throughout the year.

  Tournament Average Tracking

TAD – Reporting Instructions

This document instructs tournament statisticians on how to report to IGBO Tournament Average Database (TAD) administrators scratch pinfall for all bowlers and all events, including scratch masters events as well as awards. This information can take a number of formats and should be accompanied by bowler information.

  IGBO Tournament Results Reporting Requirements

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