On-Line Tournaments

IGBO Best 3 of 6 Multi-City Tournament Schedule

FALL 2022 – OPEN NOW – October 16 to November 12, 2022 (Due by* Nov. 18th – Results end of November)

SPRING 2023 – March 5 to April 1, 2023  (Due by* Apr. 7th – Results mid-April

FALL 2023 – October 1 to October 28, 2023 (Due by* Nov. 3rd – Results mid-November)


League Members should consult their IGBO Representative or IGBO Regional Director for information on the tournament.

Associates contact the IGBO Regional Director for your area or the Fundraising committee (fundraising@igbo.org)

Fall 2022 (October/November) 


Dates: October 16th to November 12th, 2022
        Tournament benefits: IGBO Annual in Seattle Washington - May 24 - 28th 2023 

Documents (click each PDF to Download)

IGBO Best 3 of 6 IGBO Rep Letter.pdf

IGBO Best 3 of 6 Entry Form.pdf

IGBO Best 3 of 6 Instructions.pdf

IGBO Reps must submit your league bowler's information and scores as well as payment by November 18th.  


Spring 2023 Best 3 of 6 Multi-City Dates:  March 5th to April 1st, 2023
Tournament benefits: IGBO Annual in Seattle Washington - May 24 - 28th 2023 

Watch for Entry Forms & Online instructions on February 12th, 2023


In 2022 - We had 38 leagues and 491 bowlers participate for 595 entries.

475 HDCP and 120 Scratch paying out 47 and 12 places respectively.    
Raised $2,316 for our IGBO Mid-Year 2022 in Washington DC

Fall 2023 Best 3 of 6 Multi-City Dates:  October 1st to October 28th, 2023

Tournament benefits: IGBO Annual in Reno, NV - May 24 - 28th 2023  

Watch for Entry Forms & Online instructions on September 10th, 2023

Tournament Rules:

  1.  Open to Rostered League Bowlers bowling in an IGBO Member League, or IGBO Associate Members.  
    • IGBO League Bowlers can ONLY enter once PER IGBO League bowled.  
    • Entry form & Payment MUST be turned in to the IGBO Rep prior to the start of bowling on the first week selected by the IGBO Rep. 
    • Enter SCRATCH scores bowled during regular league competition during the selected 2-week period for the league.    
  2.  IGBO Associates are eligible to submit scores from a Non-IGBO league ONCE.   
    • Associate's scores can ONLY be submitted during the 2nd and 3rd week period for this specific On-Line event. 
    • Associates must submit a verified score sheet and a completed entry form verified by the league secretary.  
    • Email both the score sheet and entry form to fundraising@igbo.org.  
    • Payment to be made through PayPal.  Send to treasurer@igbo.org.    
  3. NO post-bowl or pre-bowl permitted.   If a bowler is absent on the dates selected, the series shall be zero.
    • Use Bowler's CURRENT league average from the league the entry is submitted from (must have 12 games or more).
    • IGBO Rep MUST submit the league’s standing sheet, for the week prior to the first week, which must be turned in.  Prior to 2nd week for associates. 
    • If the current league average has less than 12 games bowler must use their 2021-2022 USBC composite average (one league MUST have at least 21+ games or more) from Bowl.com 
  5. SECRETARY/IGBO Rep MUST verify the bowler's scores and entering Average and initial to indicate scores have been verified. 
  6. Handicap shall be 90% of 225.
  7. The payout ratio shall be at least 1 for every 10 entries.  Handicap and Scratch entries will have a Separate Prize Fund and Payout.

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