Mail-In Tournaments

The IGBO Fundraising Committee hosts three Best 3 of 6 virtual mail-in tournaments throughout the year that allow IGBO members to Bowl Locally and Compete Internationally during their regularly scheduled league play over the course of two weeks. IGBO League Members should consult their IGBO Representative or President for information on which two weeks apply to their local league.

Summer (June/July)

The Summer 2019 Mail-In dates are:
July 1st - July 28th 2019
Scores are due by August 4th. 2019 with results released once all results are in and verified.
Summer mail-in tournament benefits: IGBO technology and infrastructure team

Download Registration form

Summer 2019_Mail_In_Letter.pdf

Summer 2019 Mail-in entry form.pdf

Summer 2019 Mail-In results letter.pdf

Summer 2019 Results:  Scratch results.pdf | Handicap results.pdf

Fall (October/November)

The fall 2020 Mail-In dates are:

October 4th, 2020 - October 31st, 2020
Scores are due by November 9, 2019 with results released in December
Fall mail-in tournament benefits: IGBO Mid-year host city

FALL 2020 Mail-in Letter .pdf

FALL 2020 Mail-in tourament entry .pdf

FALL 2020 SCRATCH Results .pdf

FALL 2020 HDCP Results .pdf

FALL 2020 Results Letter.pdf


Winter (February/March)

The Winter 2019 Mail-In dates are:
February 3 - March 2, 2019
Scores are due by March 10, 2019 with results released in April 2019
Winter mail-in tournament benefits: IGBO Annual host city

WINTER 2020 Mail-in entry form.pdf 

WINTER 2020 Mail-In Letter.pdf

WINTER 2020 Mail-In results letter.pdf

Winter 2020 Results: SCRATCH.pdf 

Winter 2020 |Handicap results.pdf


  1. Open to rostered league bowlers bowling in an IGBO member league or, any IGBO associate member.
  2. Substitute members are not eligible to participate.
  3. Bowlers can only enter once per league bowled.
  4. All entries & payments must be turned into the IGBO rep prior to the start of the first week selected.
  5. Associate members are responsible for submitting their own entry & payment. Associate must submit verified score sheet
  6. League secretary should verify posted scratch scores and series total, and initial ?above the scratch total to indicate scores have been verified.
  7. Only the first three games per night shall count if league bowls more than 3 games. ?
  8. When submitting scores bowled during the selected two-week period, only submit scratch scores. Do not submit scores bowled with handicap included.  
  9.  If a bowler is absent during league on dates selected, scores shall be entered as zero. No post bowl or pre bowl scores are permitted. ?
  10. Entering averages: Prior year USBC composite average from Must have one league with at least 21 or more games. If no prior year USBC composite average bowler may use the following:
    1. Current league average as of the first night selected and, secretary and/or IGBO rep must submit league standing sheet with application
  11. Handicap will be 90% of 225. Scratch entries will use scratch scores only. ?
  12. Payout ratio shall be at least 1 for each 8 entries. Handicap and Scratch entries will have separate Prize Fund and payout.

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