Board of Directors

The IGBO Board is comprised of elected individuals who have taken an oath to uphold the mission, vision and key values of IGBO.  An Executive Board of four volunteers oversee the organization’s business at an global level with the assistance of nine volunteer regional directors who complete the Board of Directors.

To contact any member of the Board of Directors, please use the Contact Us Form.

Executive Board

Joey LeBlanc
IGBO President

Mark MacBain
IGBO Vice President

Terri Paulk
IGBO Treasurer

Rob Silliman
IGBO Secretary

Regional Directors

Regional Directors are volunteer members of the Board of Directors and oversee league and tournament memberships for their respective territories.

Prospective leagues interested in joining IGBO should contact the Regional Director in which they bowl.

Jerry Sesco
Region 5: North America Heartland

 North American Heartland

Tim Tkacik
Region 6: Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest

Skip George
Region 8: Southern

 Southern Region

Michael Letendre
Region 9: Southwest / Pacific Nations

 Southwest Pacific Nations

J Puckett
Region 10: South Plains

 South Plains

Todd Denmark
Region 11: Upper Mississippi Valley
 Upper Mississippi Valley

Steve Frable
Region 12: Mid-Atlantic

 Mid Atlantic Region

Richard Foster
Region 13: Rocky Mountain
 Rocky Mountain Region

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