From the Desk of the President

November 08, 2017


Welcome to another year of IGBO, I would like to say a personal, thank you, to the entire IGBO organization, for intrusting me to be your president. IGBO's 36th year is now in the record books, below is a recap of the past two IGBO conferences.

For those of you who were not able to join us for IGBO Annual 2016, in Albuquerque New Mexico, you missed out on an amazing time; the host committee went all out to welcome IGBO to their city. A special thank you to Brian, Gina, Ron and the entire IGBO Annual committee, for allowing us to enjoy Red and Green Chilies. Your committee received great guidance and leadership from one of the best IGBO Regional Directors any city could ever hope for. I thank you Greg Frey, for your continued fellowship and leadership of the Rocky Mountain Region of IGBO.

I would like to congratulate the recipients of the Fellowship Award, Lyn Dwyer of Canton, MI and Gregory Hughes of Atlanta, GA. Both recipients have been great contributors to the local communities and charities in their cities. As members of IGBO, Lyn and Gregory are faces seen in our organization who strive for Unity, Fellowship and Communication.

Here are several things which occurred during the General Membership Meeting, about which I would like to inform all of you.  Elections were held for numerous positions on the IGBO Board. Mark MacBain, (Syracuse, NY) was re-elected for his second term as Vice President, Bill Roman, (Chesapeake, VA) was also re-elected for his second term as IGBO Secretary, The South Plains Region elected Joseph Puckett, (Irving, TX) to his first full term as regional director. Bart MacMillan, (Vancouver, BC) was elected as director of the Pacific Northwest Region, Skip George, (Marietta, GA) was elected as director of the Southern Region and finally Mark Craig, (Nashville, TN) was elected as the director of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The membership also approved 152 associates, and three new leagues. IGBO welcomes the Ball Busters League (Maumelle, AR), Wednesday Hump II (Columbus, OH), and it is with great excitement we welcome our first member league from the European Union, The FVV- Bowling, from Langen, Germany.

Also joining us in Albuquerque, Hank Boomershine, representing Storm, the Official Bowling Ball, Bowling Bag, and Accessories of IGBO. And the notable attendance of Kim Shepard, from Sydney, Australia.

During the General Membership Meeting, we received an excellent bid presentation from Oklahoma City, to host IGBO Mid-Year 2017. The membership voted to accept the bid.

Just six months after leaving Albuquerque, IGBO held our 36th Mid-Year conference in San Francisco, California.  I would like to thank Vince, Henry, Ryan and the entire IGBO Mid-Year San Francisco committee, for hosting this spectacular event. I sure hope everyone who attended, made time to enjoy many of the sights of the Bay area, outside of meetings and bowling.

The week in San Francisco, everything from the weather, to the hospitality and enjoying the friendship of others, was amazing. At our Mid-Year conference, the organization was graced with not only having Kim Shepard from Sydney, Australia; but also seven of our members from New Zealand. Aimee Russell, David Healee, Gabi Mazouchova, Jo King, Lyall Crawford, Sylvia Meeuws and Teegan Hollier. I would like to thank each of you for traveling so far to join your fellow IGBO members.

At our general membership meeting on Friday, the membership approved 175 Associates and six new leagues into membership. IGBO welcomes the Golden Horseshoe Bowling League (Hamilton, Ontario), Elite Bowling (Tamarac, FL), Monday Nighters (Tamarac, FL), Rainbow Humpers (Atlanta, GA), Guys and Dolls (Wilton Manors, FL), and Monday Mixers (Wilton Manors, FL).

While in San Francisco, IGBO was truly honored to have with us Mrs. Barbara Chrisman, the owner of Storm Bowling Products.  January 1st 2016, marked the start of our 15th year of partnership with this great company.  We also we joined by: Mr. Bob Thomas, General Manager, from National Bowling Stadium, in Reno Nevada, and Mr. Mark Conn, the Director of Sports Marketing, for the Eldorado Silver Legacy and Circus Circus, casino and resorts.

IGBO has received letters of intent to host Annual 2018 in Denver Colorado and Mid-Year 2018, in the City of Reno Nevada.  As of now, I have not received any letters of intent to host our conferences for the years of 2019 and 2020.

I would like to recognize and congratulate this year's Tom Hack Service Award Winner Mr. Jeremy Glasser, from Vienna VA, for his contributions and service to the organization.

I would like to send a special thanks to all the IGBO Reps/Alts and members, who were in attendance at the general membership meetings, at the Albuquerque and San Francisco tournaments. Our general membership meetings are always open to all members and guests. With that being said, I Anticipate that in just a few short months, all will descend on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the 37th IGBO Annual conference will be held. The host city has been working none stop, to assure each and everyone in attendance, will have a memorable experience. So, I asked each of you as IGBO members, to invite a friend, so they may also experience the festivities, Fort Lauderdale and IGBO have to offer.  A wise lady once told me "YOU GOT TO GO, TO KNOW." I hope to see all of you there; but in the meantime, if there is anything, I or the board, can do to help make your experience in IGBO, a rewarding and meaningful one, please don't hesitate to ask. Our individual contact information is listed on the IGBO website. We are always available for conversation or comments from any and everyone, when it comes to benefit or improve the experience of anyone in our organization.

In Unity, Fellowship and Communication

Joey J. LeBlanc