Technology Infrastructure Committee Letter

November 15, 2018


IGBO- A new era of technology

As you are all well aware IGBO has been working for the past year on upgrading our Database platform and website. I will tell you this has been an arduous task at best.  The TISC (Technology Infrastructure Committee) committee has been working weekly with our developer in trying to combine three different platforms into one. While every day we feel we are closer to accomplishing this goal, it is slow going as we are trying to be a thorough as possible and, to have the least amount of surprises when we go live.

Some of you have asked what we are getting out of this, well let me tell you.

A new integrated website, which will give our bowlers all they need to monitor scores for their Tournament Averages, more features from new sources to keep all of you informed of what’s going on. An online blog for you to bounce ideas off of the Board and members. Access to our new partner, Benefit Hub, offering thousands of discounts to all of our members on everyday things. This is an exciting new partnership where IGBO earns a little money every time you click into the site to investigate discounts all over the world as well as your particular city.

Our new interactive database will give all bowlers the ability to go in and update their records, and in the near future a new Tournament registration system, that will be available to all tournaments as well Annual and Mid-Year events.

Many of the details the Board is still working on and all will be discussed with you, our membership.

Moving into the next generation of technology will mean many changes, and that we are aware of, but change means we are growing and advancing the organization into the next step of our history.

When the system goes live we will be having a few online town hall meetings so that we can demonstrate how everything works. This is also a new means of communication for IGBO and we hope to do these on a semi regular basis, covering topics that you request as well as matters that the Board feels are important to our members. There will be more details to come as time goes on and we will keep you updated as to our progress.

In Unity, fellowship, and communication,

Rob Silliman

IGBO Secretary

TISC Committee