Tom Hack Award 2021- Bill Roman

October 15, 2021


The Tom Hack Award is to honor service to and with our organization. Historically, this award is given at our MidYear tournament, but we’re operating in special circumstances as everyone knows.

The recipient this year, bid in 1997 to host IGBO Annual 1999 in Washington DC. During this 2 year process, they worked with the board to host a monumentally successful event. This person’s attention to detail is such that their wrap-up documentation sets are still used by the organization for upcoming cities hosting MidYear and Annual events.

In 1999 at the Annual they were co-directing, this recipient was elected to serve as the NorthEast Regional Director. They went on to serve as Regional Director through 2005, serving all 6 years allowed.

After serving on the Board, they went on to serve on the Ad-Hoc redistricting committee, and By-Laws through 2013. 

In 2013, they received the IGBO Fellowship Award and were elected to fill a term as IGBO Secretary. In 2014, they were elected to fill a full term as Secretary where they served through 2018.

In 2018 they served on the Technology Committee with the guidance to rebuild the IGBO website. This 1.5 year process included creating and evaluating RFPs, selection of a company and guiding the process to completion. 

They weren’t done and aren’t done yet, as they still serve on IGBO By-Laws committee once again.

By now, the old dogs in the room know who the recipient is.

It is my pleasure to present the IGBO Tom Hack award to Bill Roman of Norfolk, VA.

Bill didn’t attend this year. I will accept this in his honor and present it to him at CHIT DC.

Thank you!