Absentee Ballot

I, the undersigned League or Tournament Representative, will not be attending the IGBO General Membership Meeting to be held in San Antonio, TX on May 24, 2019, nor will my league or tournament be represented by Proxy. Pursuant to IGBO Bylaw VI.5, I wish to submit in writing my absentee ballot for the proposed IGBO tournament site to be selected to host IGBO Mid-Year 2020. [Please check the box to the left of the option listed below. If you intend to register an abstention, check the box next to “Abstain”.  
Please read the following before signing and submitting this Absentee Ballot: IGBO Bylaw VI.5 states, “Absent representatives may vote on any proposed IGBO tournament site if said vote is submitted in writing to the Secretary fifteen (15) days prior to the General Membership meeting where the vote on the tournament site is to take place.” If you intend to submit this Absentee Ballot to vote for site selection, you are indicating that the league or tournament you represent will not be represented by you or by a Proxy designate at the General Membership Meeting. If you attend the meeting in person or by proxy, do not complete this form. If you submit an Absentee Ballot, and subsequently attend the General Membership Meeting in person or by proxy, this ballot will be deemed VOID. Your Absentee Ballot must be submitted online by May 9, 2019. Any Absentee Ballots received after this date will not be valid and will not be counted. Valid Absentee Ballots will be tallied and applied during the Site Selection process at the General Membership Meeting. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions for submitting this Absentee Ballot.