International Gay Bowling Organization - Statements


We, the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO), aim to foster a safe and inclusive environment for the entire LGBTQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and their allies) as the bowling organization of choice for the international community.


IGBO seeks to promote the sport of bowling and enrich the lives of individuals through league building and tournaments around the world. IGBO is guided by the principles of community, inclusion, and solidarity as we: 

  • provide educational opportunities to local communities about bowling, LGBTQ+ history, and other topics of importance; 
  • build communication avenues between member leagues, joining LGBTQ+ communities together in solidarity; 
  • and plan social opportunities to promote the sport of bowling and to enrich the lives of individual athletes through leagues and tournaments.

Non-Discrimination & Participation Statement

IGBO recognizes access to sport as a human right. Community is a primary pillar of IGBO and cannot be fulfilled if any member of our community is intentionally or unintentionally excluded. We strive to continually listen, learn, and adapt to ensure every member of IGBO has a sense of belonging in our community. IGBO promotes gender inclusion by recognizing an individual player’s self-identified gender; and avoiding gender-based distinctions or divisions in sporting activities, while considering member countries’ cultures. IGBO is committed to celebrating each athlete’s accomplishments and skill, regardless of gender identity.

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