What does IGBO do for me

IGBO is an organization whose primary function is to “provide educational services, communication  avenues and social opportunities to promote the sport of bowling and to enrich the lives of individuals  through leagues and tournaments worldwide.” This is our mission statement. 

For over 43 years, IGBO has been solidifying the sport of bowling in the gay community and creating a  vast network of communication between all gay leagues and tournaments.  

Over the past 43 years, IGBO has helped over 130 gay leagues and 50 tournaments reach out to over  7,200 members, and to help them find leagues and tournaments to participate in. 

As a not-for-profit organization, not one person on the board receives a salary of any type: we are all  100% volunteer. We operate on an extremely small budget and rely on league and membership dues to  continue operating from year to year. Here is what we offer our members, leagues and tournaments.


Every member league gets free listings on the IGBO website (www.igbo.org). When a person searches  the website for leagues, they can find your league listed with contacts, pertinent information about your  league, geographic directions to your bowling house and links to your website or Facebook pages When  a person e-mails a Board member about joining a league in their area, we always forward it to league  representatives.

STORM Bowling

STORM is IGBO’s premier sponsor and offers discount opportunities to all our members.

League Awards 

Every member league annually receives IGBO awards. Awards for league champions, runners-up, and 2  most improved bowler awards are included. We are offering a new award for the 2023-2024 season, the  IGBO Fellowship League Award. 

IGBO 300/800 Award Program 

Every bowler who rolls a perfect 300 game or an 800 series during IGBO league or tournament play will  receive an individually embroidered IGBO 300 Game or 800 Series Shirt, limit 1 per each achievement  per year. 

Discount Programs 

IGBO currently has several discount hotel programs, Red Roof, Best Western, Choice Hotels, as well as  Advantage Rental Cars. Our clothing and merchandise partners, H5G, ST4L. IB Embroidery. And we are  always searching for new opportunities for our members. 

League Achievement Awards 

IGBO offers 9 Individual PIN awards for all registered bowlers. These awards are, Triplicate, Big Split, All  Spare Game, 50 pins over <140Avg, 75 Pins over Avg, 100 Pins over Avg. Each bowler can one of each  award per year. 500,600,700 series awards are being introduced in the fall of 2023. 

Tournament Achievement Awards 

Beginning with the 2023-2024 season we will be offering the following PIN awards for tournaments,  Triplicate, Big Split, All Spare Game, as well our New Award , The Congeniality Award. 


Membership Posters 

Every year, IGBO produces the “Join a League” posters. Posters are available in writable format on our  website.

The Michael O’Brien Sponsorship Award 

This sponsorship is being created by the generosity of Michael O’Brien, a former Fellowship Award  winner. Anyone who knew Michael knew of his love and devotion to IGBO. While he did not specifically  say how to use the money he bequeathed to IGBO, after talking to few people about Michael we feel we  have come up with an idea he would like. 

This sponsorship will benefit 2 individuals who are attending their 1st IGBO Annual Tournament and  Conference, awards include $500, an IGBO Shirt and a Free entry to the next IGBO Annual Tournament  and Conference. 

The Presidential Scholarship Award 

This scholarship is being created to honor all past and future presidents of IGBO. 

This national organization pushes for equal representation for any LGBTQIA+ individual in the sport of  bowling. 

This scholarship is one time $1000 a year scholarship provided to any LGBTQIA+ athlete who wishes to  further their bowling career into Collegiate bowling, the requirements to be eligible are as follows. 

You are between the age of 16-21. Gender is not a factor. You must have maintained a minimum of a “B”  average, throughout your education. 

You must provide proof and references of your bowling career in high school/college. You must be an active member of the LGBTQIA+ community with volunteer references. 

The biggest benefit that IGBO offers is friendship and fellowship. When you join an IGBO  league you are welcomed with no pretense. You will meet new people and have some fun  doing it. Back in 1980 IGBO began as a new way to meet people instead of just bars. And to take it a step further, when you participate in a IGBO tournament, you will meet people from  all over the country and world, helping to enrich your lives in ways you can’t even imagine. 

In summing up, it was best said by our former President when she was asked “What does  IGBO do for me?” and she said, “If you go, you know.”

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