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gives back

The IGBO Presidential Scholarship

This scholarship is being created to honor all past and future presidents of IGBO. 

IGBO is an international organization that strives for equal representation for all LGBTQIA+  individuals in the sport of bowling. 

This scholarship is a one-time $1000 scholarship provided to any LGBTQIA+ athlete who wishes  to further their bowling career into Collegiate bowling, the requirements to be eligible are as follows: 

  • You are between the ages of 16-21. Gender is not a factor.  
  • You must have maintained a minimum of a “B” or 3.0 average, throughout your  education. 
  • You must provide proof and references of your bowling career in high school/college.
  • You must be an active member of the LGBTQIA+ community with volunteer references. 

The application process is completed online. Click Here to access the Scholarship Application or  go to https://bit.ly/IGBO_PSA to apply. 

You may also scan this code to access the form on your mobile device. 

The deadline for applications for 2024 is June 30, 2024 

The Michael O’Brien Sponsorship Program

This sponsorship is being created by the generosity of Michael O’Brien, a former IGBO Fellowship Award winner. Anyone who knew Michael knew of his love and devotion to IGBO. While he did not specifically say how to use the money he bequeathed to IGBO, after talking to few people about Michael we feel we have come up with an idea he would like.

This sponsorship will benefit 2 individuals who are current IGBO league members, who are attending their 1st IGBO Annual Tournament and Conference, the sponsorship includes $500, an IGBO Shirt and a Free entry to the next IGBO Annual Tournament and Conference. Winners will be chosen at the Banquet in Reno.

This is an ongoing yearly award and is an open-ended sponsorship fund, always accepting donations to help bring new bowlers to our annual national event.

If you would like to help, by donating to this endeavor, please contact the IGBO treasurer for more details.

IGBO’s Mission Statement

IGBO seeks to promote the sport of bowling and enrich the lives of individuals through league  building and tournaments around the world. IGBO is guided by the principles of community,  inclusion, and solidarity as we:

  • foster educational opportunities to local communities about bowling, LGBTQIA+ history, and other topics of importance. 
  • build communication avenues between member leagues, joining LGBTQIA+ communities together in solidarity; and 
  • plan social opportunities to promote the sport of bowling and to enrich the lives of individual athletes through leagues and tournaments.

IGBO Donations

IGBO has a proven history of donating money to different charities through out the years. As we grow, we wanted to do more and that’s when the IGBO gives back campaign started. We make it our mission that when we choose a city to host our annual event that we can help give back to that community physically and monetarily.

Our local committee works with local charities to come up with ideas that allows our members to physically help support, whether it’s working with Food Pantries, Park cleanups, animal shelter help. We work with local people to make sure that this endeavor is successful and that we can hit the ground running when we get there. The response we have had from our members has incredible.

Some of our most recent recipients are listed below.

Rochester Food BankPride Foundation
West Seattle Food BankNew Haven Pride Center
National AIDS MemorialFostering Forward Michigan
Colorado GivesPet Alliance
The Center for YouthAIDS Food Store
SMYALFrontline Response
OUT AllianceAIDS Vancouver

Another way we help is our Anniversary Gift. Any IGBO affiliated tournament that hits 20 years and every 5 years after that gets a donation in their name from IGBO to a charity of their choice.  Our way of saying Thank you for being valued members.

IGBO Member League/Tournament Donations

For over 40 years all our member league and tournaments have donated tens of thousands to support their local communities

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