IGBO Bylaw/P&P Change Request

This form is to be used to request changes to IGBO’s Bylaws and P&P documents. Any member of the organization can request a change.

In accordance with Bylaws Article V.4, proposed Bylaw changes to be placed on the agenda for a General Membership meeting (GMM) must be submitted in writing no later than 120 days prior to that meeting.

To be considered in at IGBO Mid-Year 2016 in San Francisco, CA, this change request must be received by July 14, 2016. For consideration at Annual 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale FL, the request must be received by January 26, 2017.

Any change to the Bylaws must be approved by the consenting vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present at the GMM once quorum has been established.

Changes to the Policies & Procedures (P&P) can be submitted to the Board up to 30 days prior to the Board meeting.

Our current Bylaws and P&P can be found in the IGBO Handbook Sections G and H respectively.

For additional information or to submit supporting documents for your change request, contact the Bylaws Committee by email at bylaws@IGBO.org.

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