The Importance of Renewals


The Importance of Renewals
From October - December Edition of IGBO Newsletter
by: Rob Silliman, IGBO President
Every September begins the renewal period for IGBO membership. Now I know there are probably a lot of groans when you see the reminders and let me tell you, it's not our favorite time of year either but is an important necessity for the continued stability and success of IGBO.
There are 3 overwhelming factors to consider when the renewal period opens, Hopefully, you can see why it is so important to get the renewal done quickly and accurately.
  1. Your renewal provides us with the information we need to be able to contact you.  We provide updates, raffles, information about IGBO, and upcoming events to the emails we have on file from your renewal information. If we do not have current information, then we hear what we have heard in the past, “what does IGBO do for me” or “what do we get out of IGBO?
  2. We use the information we receive to help us promote and try to acquire sponsorship and marketing opportunities.
  3. Every year we buy league-end awards for all our leagues.  The quicker we have the information you provide on a renewal, the faster we can be able to get awards to your leagues. We do not purchase extra awards because they are dated and no good after the season.
So, when you see the renewal for your league or tournament come in, please fill it out. We are trying every day to do better for our members and this is a good start for you to help.