Leagues and Tournaments


Leagues and Tournaments
by Sam Hull

Our meeting in DC was super productive!
It was great to see all of you and have a chance to openly discuss the needs, fears and changes needed in the running of our IGBO leagues and tournaments.   Software was a huge part of that discussion. It would be great to have either IGBO based tournament software available for free through higher dues or accessible through licensing that collect the information both for USBC and IGBO side by side. To that end if you know of someone willing to help out in that area let us know.

I also mentioned in DC that the rules of USBC have changed for certification with those tournaments featuring a scratch master event. If you use an oil pattern for scratch masters that is different than your main tournament it must be certified separately and the monies must be kept separate for payouts as well. If you allow any participation that does not come directly from your main tournament your scratch masters must be certified separately as well.   There is no extra cost and the process is simple and online.  If you change nothing and allow only participation from your main events, you can use the same certification as the main tournament but must report the handicap and scratch scores for all bowlers separately and completely. Meaning they must know which are handicap and which are scratch scores.
We also talked in DC about insurance for tournaments, boards and directors. President Rob stated the board will look at options and get back to us in Seattle. Another topic was the bowling manufacturers and partnerships. It was discussed that what works for the annual in collaboration with sponsors, does not work for some of the smaller boutique tournaments in more isolated regions. Questions were asked about why STORM does not acknowledge IGBO at bowlCON and like events within the industry (Jr Gold, etc). Not so much as a gay flag in their 5000 sqft booth.  The contract with STORM is up soon and IGBO will be entertaining communications with other companies as well as STORM with this topic being part of the discussions. IGBO bowlers are using estimated 70%+ STORM equipment after 20 years of partnership, is that how we should appear in their policies,was the question at hand.
There was a call out for like-titled folks to connect in some manner moving forward. Tournament Treasurers able to share info and tax prep, likewise tournament directors and registrars having each other as resources nationally. The idea being as positions and people change hands it is important that the new folks have both help and history to rely on in their new positions.
The new TAD was discussed and both logistical concerns and privacy options at the forefront. There will be a name opt-out option that will make bowlers identifiable through their USBC number only. It will be hosted on a private server and not connected as a resource on the greater internet to that end folks will have to be a paid member of IGBO to access the site. Tournament directors will have more info at hand than a general member as well.
We talked about raising the annual IGBO fee to help cover the leagues and tournament software and insurance needs. The meeting was in the majority of feeling that these needs are legitimate and that the services would be a good spend on any dues that might be raised financially.
Lastly, we discussed the Bowlero / PBA sanctioning that is being discussed in the greater bowling world and what that might mean as IGBO is USBC based. The feeling is to keep an eye on this and revisit this topic in Seattle if there are further movements.
I would encourage all tournament directors and league officers to attend this meeting at annual. It is a great forum for questions, comments and concerns within IGBO that do not happen in the general membership meeting.
Sam Hull
PDX Pride, President
BIT Tournament Director