Message from the President - Tournament News


Tournament News

IGBO currently has over 50 regional tournaments as members. Each of these events has years of experience and faithful followers for the exceptional and fun experiences they provide to all bowlers, and we applaud all the individuals that are responsible for providing these experiences.

We (The Board) have had several discussions about the benefits we offer our member events, where we can do better, and how we begin the process of trying to figure out how to offer even more. We also need to remind everyone of the importance of what tournaments and IGBO should be working on together to provide the best experience for all tournaments.

While all bowlers see what goes on during the tournament weekend, there is so much more that they do not see. One of these items is Tournament Average verification. You fill out your registration to attend the tournament a few months beforehand and then submit it to the committee. When the committee gets your application, they must record and verify all your information. When it comes to average verification, this is where tournaments must work together. All tournaments that are members of IGBO must submit their tournament's scores to TAD within 30 days of the tournament's end. This enables IGBO to keep a database of tournament scores for all bowlers that Tournament Directors can use to verify submitted averages. If even one tournament does not submit its scores in a timely manner, it throws off the entire system for upcoming tournaments. So remember, when we remind you to turn in your scores, we are making sure that the benefit of accurate average verification is offered to all tournaments, just like it was for you.