by Kim Shephard, Chair

Gay Games 11 is being co-hosted in Guadalajara, MX during the period 03 - 11 November, 2023. Are you ready?

Note: Bowling will ONLY be available in Guadalajara, MX and NOT in Hong Kong. However, all Opening / Closing Ceremonies will happen concurrently in both cities.

All details regarding competition, accommodation, the city, nightlife, maps etc. are available on the Guadalajara website where you can register.

Full rules for Bowling are available for the Tournament, once you access the registration page. Discounts are available for non-Mexican (i.e., all international) competitors.

It is recommended that you have security software (anti-virus / anti-malware or similar) installed on your device / PC, since some isolated recent reports of 'Riskware' are currently being reported.


Guadalajara is an entirely safe (but large) city. Walking around the city at night is perfectly safe, although as in all cities, be aware of your surroundings. The airport is modern, clean, efficient, and boasts the same facilities as most US / Canadian / Australia and New Zealand airports. English is widely spoken, and the population is generally very friendly and welcoming.


Transport from the airport to downtown CBD via taxi is a regulated, set 400 MX pesos (approx. USD $22.25 / CAD C$30.10 / AUD $33.25). Just pay at the desk just inside the entrance / exit, grab your voucher, and head to the curb. Rideshare services such as Uber are also available. Travel time is approximately 25 minutes. Return travel via cab should run at around 300–325 MX pesos; pay the driver directly from your hotel.

Guadalajara has an excellent subway / metro system, and tickets are easily purchased at stations via vending machines (make sure you carry some coins!), and it's cheap. The bus system, similar to most large cities, is a bit chaotic and takes time to get used to.

Remember - Registration for the Games includes a FREE / GRATIS public transport ticket valid for 7 days of unrestricted travel.


The city presents a wide choice of US-style chain hotels and highly reasonable rates. Think 4 star including Hilton, IHG, Marriott. Hyatt, Best Western etc. The website offers a range of block-booked special rates (USD $75-100 per night) which will give you an indication - but if you are seeking points, status and all the extra goodies - look to your preferred chain website as well. 5 star and 'resort-style' properties are also available, at a higher rate.


The Tournament is being run under FGG / IGBO Red Book Rules, and is being organized by CODE (the Mexican Sport Authourity). CODE is running virtually all sporting codes, as a partner to the Guadalajara Organizing Committee. And, as Guadalajara has hosted the Pan Pacific Games on a number of occassions, the sporting facilities on offer are quite modern.

The Bowling Tournament will be run with both Social and LEAGUE divisions. Hey, you're an IGBO member, so you'll be bowling in LEAGUE or have an established average. Right? Your friends / buddies, who may not be a member of an IGBO League or do NOT have an average, will bowl in Social. Competition is open for male, female, and mixed categories, and as a country that embraces gender diversity, EVERYONE (over 18 years old) is encouraged to participate.

Registration is now open and will close late August / beginning of September 2023. Given that GDL has only had 18 months to host the event, their projections, planning, and progress are largely on schedule. The proposed bowling centre is a very recently (May 2023), renovated 40-lane house, complete with a pro-shop, snack and beverage bar, and overnight ball storage facilities. Yes, unlike Paris, it IS air-conditioned.

Please note that this is an FGG event, and no IGBABE will be offered! Vale, IGBO MidYear.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any questions, visit the website above. If you have any questions, send an email to and your IGBO FGG Committee will answer asap.