IGBO Fellowship Award 2021- Judy Thompson

October 15, 2021


If you had to choose one word to describe this person, it is community. They clearly understand the value of finding your community and doing everything you can to ensure it thrives. Their investments of time, money, guidance, and love have already paid off with significant dividends, and will do so long into the future. The lives they have or have yet to touch are better because of who they are.

This all started at the age of 14 when they joined a league, but after a couple of years decided they did not fit in. Some time later, they joined a gay league in their hometown and never looked back. They not only found their tribe, but they also looked for other ways to get involved and did just that.

They know how to get things done, and done better, and started quickly. For instance, a friend mentioned they wanted to start a nonprofit to help provide essential items for the homeless. They asked their friend how much it would take to start the venture, he gave a number, and they pulled the cash out and counted out what they needed and said get it done. The group struggled, and they continued to make donations, but also items that the group would need for the organization, which is still in existence. Anther time at a bowling banquet, they started talking about starting a tournament just for women, and anyone that has run a tournament let alone start one knows what a logistical nightmare that can be, but before the first meal was served, they had a venue, dates, and finalized their committee by informing their teammates of their newly appointed positions.

They have served this organization very well also in many roles, which include a committee member for SDIT, Secretary for the High Rollers league, the current director for WIT, as well as the SW Pacific Nations Regional director, which is probably why they have already won another award know as the Tom Hack for service to IGBO.

As if all of that were not enough, allow me to list some of the other organizations they currently involved with:

  • CA Police and Fire Games
  • Dystonia Fundraiser
  • Imperial Beach Little League
  • Imperial Beach Sandcastle Competition
  • Long Beach Pride
  • Make a Wish
  • Poll worker
  • San Diego LGBT Ctr and youth housing    
  • San Diego Pride
  • Street Bundles

If you thought COVID would have slowed them down, well you would be wrong. In the last year they have taken on two new projects. First a local little league group, and took over a project to rebuild their snack bar, and after seeing how it was managed took over those operations also.  Second was, they also built a zip line at the end of their street for the kids in the neighborhood to use because they have been stuck at home, to help keep them active. A zip line! 

They also run two businesses and recently celebrated 21 year with their wife and they are raising a son.

If you haven’t guessed who this is then let me tell you. I am proud to announce Judy Thompson as this Fellowship recipient.