IGBO has 12 committees, each of these committees has their own specific purpose in helping run IGBO. The Board has decided to open the committees up to all members. We understand and appreciate that there might be members out there that would like to help. So, listed below are the Committees and their descriptions. Read through them, see if you might have specific knowledge or skill that applies to any committee or you have an interest in becoming a Committee member, and then fill out the information down below.


Maintains the ‘History of IGBO’, including Tournament Results, Tournament Memorabilia, General Membership Meeting records, old Newsletters and Member tournament records.


Maintains the IGBO Bylaws and Policy & Procedure documents. Receives and reviews all requests for changes and amendments to Bylaws and P&P and determines the scope of each suggestion. Makes recommendations on these items to the IGBO Board of Directors and to the General Membership.

Marketing, Sponsorship & Research

Develops and implements programs within and outside the organization to spread awareness about IGBO. Explores corporate liaisons between IGBO and other companies in the hopes of establishing mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. Develops and conducts surveys to gather statistical data about our membership for use in marketing the organization.


Operates independently of the Board to review all financial records prior to the Annual and Mid-Year meetings. The committee is charged with reporting its findings to the membership and recommending changes to the organizations procedures to improve the system and ensure its integrity.

Bid Standards

Reviews and approves all bids to host IGBO Annual and/or Mid-Year Tournaments. Provide feedback and guidance to the tournaments and act as a liaison between Tournament Committee and IGBO Board until their Bid is approved


This ad hoc committee has been developed to help IGBO understand that everyone is unique and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.


Solicits and receives annual nominations for the IGBO Fellowship Award from the General Membership, conducts reference interviews, and selects one or two annual recipients of the Award. Note: Participation on the Fellowship Committee is restricted to previous Award winners.


Coordinates and conducts organizational-wide fundraising events including Multi-city Raffles and Stay-at-Home (Mail-In) Tournaments. Manages Fundraising results and provides them to the membership through Social Media and The IGBO website


Provides membership services for member leagues and tournaments. Distributes League Awards to member leagues. Maintains 300/800-Club award program and the Individual Achievement Awards.


Creates IGBO panels for the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.  Maintains up-to-date list of names and panel locations. Acts as liaison between IGBO and the Names Project.


Maintains IGBO website, Social Media, online member database, email lists/groups, and IGBO online forum, TAD database and averages for all IGBO member participants.

Tournament/League Forum

Maintains communication between member tournaments and leagues and the IGBO Board of Directors. The Tournament/League Forum is held during the IGBO Annual and Mid-Year Tournaments.