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IGBO Receives Award from Compete Magazine

25th January 2023

I wanted to let everyone know that I had the honor of accepting the Sports Organization of the Year award for IGBO from COMPETE Sports Diversity Awards.I was also there for a seminar and discussion wi..

Leagues and Tournaments

25th January 2023

Leagues and Tournamentsby Sam HullOur meeting in DC was super productive! It was great to see all of you and have a chance to openly discuss the needs, fears and changes needed in the running of ..

IGBO Tournament Bowling and You

9th January 2023

IGBO Tournament Bowling and YouBy Donald BeachLike so many of you, I told myself tournament bowling is not for me. I thought tournament bowling was for high-average awesome bowlers who rolled high sco..

Tournament Listings by Date, Location, and Alphabet

1st October 2022

Below is a PDF document that lists all tournaments by Date, Location, and Alphabet.  Download to your computer to reference all year long!(If you notice any content that is not correct, please co..

Crossword of Bowling Terms

21st September 2022

Bowling Terms CrosswordFrom October - December Edition of IGBO NewsletterTest your skills on this edition's puzzle!  Print the image below, or download the PDF version here: Bowling_Terms_435..

The Importance of Renewals

21st September 2022

The Importance of RenewalsFrom October - December Edition of IGBO Newsletterby: Rob Silliman, IGBO President Every September begins the renewal period for IGBO membership. Now I know there are pr..

Embracing Diversity

21st September 2022

Embracing Diversity From October - December 2022 Edition of IGBO NewsleterBy Sam Hull, Diversity and Inclusion Committee ChairLast year we started the process of acknowledging our shortcomings ar..

IGBO: A look at the Mission and Purpose

21st September 2022

IGBO: A look at the Mission and PurposeFrom October - December 2022 Edition of the IGBO NewsletterBy: Donald BeachIGBO is one of the largest International Gay and Lesbian sports organizations in the w..

IGBO ANNUAL 2023, Seattle Washington

29th November -0001

Click here to visit the IGBO Annual 2023 Website